What We Do

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Start-Up Communications


Singapore and Southeast Asia are experiencing a burgeoning of the start-up scene and August Consulting has an important role to play in this. We help start-ups get the word out on their business, whether it is in the news, on social media, in chat groups or simply in conversations out there that matter.


We are a trusted communications partner to start ups, helping them manage information and messaging to key stakeholders such as angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity funds, potential business partners, consumers and the general public.

We have a strong track record in providing public and investor relations services to over 400 publicly-listed and private companies, and we also have experience in building the public profiles of early-to-mid-stage growth companies and pre-IPO companies. As such, we can offer valuable knowledge and insights gleaned from working with companies spread across the corporate life cycle.

Here is what we can offer:
  • Building a strong media profile: We help start-ups get in the news locally, regionally and beyond. Based on the start-up’s marketing and publicity needs, we help to identify and generate compelling story angles to increase the company’s chances of gaining positive media coverage via various channels. Post-coverage, we also conduct media monitoring to gauge media and public interest, and also correct any misinformation and misconceptions, should they arise.
  • Media strategy, positioning and key messaging: We can cultivate and implement a public relations/marketing plan to help start-ups achieve their short and long-term business goals such as increasing brand awareness and drawing media attention to specific events, such as product launches and campaigns.
  • Investor Access: Access to our database of investors, which include fund managers, family offices, high net worth individuals, venture capital firms and private equity investors.
  • Copywriting: We help start-ups create and maintain a consistent tone and voice that effectively delivers the corporate branding and message to the target audience. Our copywriting abilities span various disciplines, from writing for websites, press releases, factsheets and brochures, to crafting social media and custom publication content.
  • Event and project management: Facilitating pre-, onsite and post-event planning, logistics and sourcing activities, as we leverage on our comprehensive network of vendors and service partners which we have built long-standing relationships with over the years.

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