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August Consulting Financial Communication Services

Financial Communications

Companies need to engage the financial markets as they seek funding to expand and further their growth. To this end, effective and timely communications with the various stakeholders is integral.


August Consulting works in close partnership with top management of listed entities to develop communications strategies that engage the investment community, regulators, rating agencies and the media, to achieve optimal valuations for their companies and effective compliance and corporate governance.

Our key services cover an entire spectrum of investor and media relations needs and activities:

  • Strategic counsel and advice
  • Corporate positioning and key messaging
  • Development of communications plan
  • Management of investors’ database
  • Engagement of investors through results briefings, roadshows, investor relations website, facility tours, annual reports, announcements etc
  • Engagement of financial analysts
  • Maintaining appropriate public profile through press releases, media briefings, media alerts, media tours, media luncheons etc
  • Perception audit


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