What We Do


Media Training

At August Consulting, we provide media training and executive coaching to enhance our clients’ verbal and non-verbal communication skills for media interviews and public speeches.

The aim of the training is to instill a greater sense of confidence in our clients and to allow them to make the best out of every media opportunity.

In addition, our training would also prepare our clients to cope with tricky interviews should the occasion arise.

The following are the main modules our media training courses would cover:

Print Module

  • What is news
  • How journalists think and what they are looking for
  • How to make journalists more interested in what you have to say
  • Techniques to ensure you get your key points across effectively
  • What to say on and off the record
  • Dealing with difficult questions

Television/Radio Module

  • What makes a good broadcast interviewee
  • How to prepare effectively
  • Effective use of language and how to use examples to illustrate key points
  • What to expect in the studio

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