We are facing unprecedented times. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant impact on the economy and businesses. As a new “normal” emerges, companies have to relook stakeholder communication and create new ways to engage their stakeholders. A specialist in investor and media relations, August Consulting can help you to transform and elevate your media and investor engagement strategy. Be it in good or challenging times, communicating the value of your business to stakeholders remains key to the success of your business.

Let us help.

Open Line is a limited-period, no obligation, 30-minute consultation service channel we have launched to help companies boost their corporate image and communication strategies. You can schedule an appointment with us by clicking on the service button below for investor and public relations advice.

Got a question?

‘Our earnings are taking a hit from Covid-19. What’s the best way to manage an earnings guidance?’

‘It is difficult to provide an outlook on our company’s performance given the current uncertainty. How do we convey our future plans and the strength of our business fundamentals to analysts and investors?’

‘Our share price has been affected by the current volatile markets. What can we do to assure shareholders of our value?’

‘How do we engage our different stakeholder groups during this period?’

‘Our company has a great story to tell. How do we sell this story to the media?’

Get in touch! Our Line is Open.

Simply click below.

Simple flat fee of just $20 for a 30-minute consultation.


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