IPO Communications

August Consulting focuses on working with clients to lay the groundwork for a successful IPO from start to finish. We work closely with senior management and professional parties to strategise and develop the Unique Selling Points that will position a listing aspirant and showcase its investment potential. Regardless of whether it is a bull or bear market, August Consulting is able to help our clients optimise their market positioning by leveraging upon our long history of handling IPO-related communications.

Our scope of work for an IPO turnkey project that covers pre-lodgement to post-listing activities includes:

  • Corporate Positioning
  • Media Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Development of Collaterals e.g. PowerPoint deck, prospectus gatefold, investor relations, website, factsheet etc
  • Media Training
  • Issues Management

August Consulting – A market leader in IPO-related communications

August Consulting has managed over 200 IPOs in Singapore proving ourselves to be a market leader in IPO-related communications.  We have also managed and/or consulted on IPO projects in overseas markets including Australia and the United States of America.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Since 2017, we have also been engaged in ICO projects, acting as communications consultants and providing communications  services from advisory to execution.

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