Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology is changing the way systems operate and information flows. Immutable, secure and transparent, they provide a powerful alternative to existing methods of recording and processing information, data and transactions. As a result, the global technology and digital space has seen a boom in the number of blockchain-related start-ups and an abundance of good ideas. Growing in parallel with blockchain technology are cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrencies have like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others have increasingly become a noticeable part of the financial ecosystem since 2017 and cryptocurrency markets pose a ‘disruption’ to traditional finance, presenting numerous exciting opportunities for businesses and investors. Public relations and investor relations can play a crucial role in magnifying the growth of this development.

August Consulting has been active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in Singapore, currently listed as a fintech hub as well as one of the top three Initial Coin Offering (ICO) hubs in the world.  We are able to offer our services as a marketing and   communications partner to companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, covering a whole gamut of services including:

  • Corporate Positioning and Messaging
  • Media Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Development of Collaterals e.g. presentation slides, website, factsheet etc
  • Issues Management


We are also able to provide a complete suite of communications and marketing solutions for ICO turnkey projects. These solutions range from strategic advisory to copywriting to execution. We have a strong media and investor database to reach out to for marketing your ICO.

Our Capabilities