Secura wins S$6.7 million security services contract from SBS Transit

SINGAPORE, 6 January 2017 – Secura Group Limited (新保安集有限公司) (“Secura” or the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), one of the leading providers of security products, services and solutions in Singapore, today announced that Soverus Pte Ltd (新保安私人有限公司) (“Soverus”), its wholly-owned subsidiary, has been awarded a S$6.7 million security services contract by SBS Transit DTL Pte Ltd (“SBS Transit”).


The three-year contract is for the provision of unarmed security services at certain of SBS Transit’s premises. The contract is effective for the period from 1 March 2017 till 29 February 2020.


Mr. Paul Lim (林春), Chief Executive Officer of Secura said, “This is our second significant contract win in less than four months, which seals Soverus’ established position in the security services industry for its expertise and high service standard. With security threats on the rise, organisations are strengthening their security infrastructure and capabilities, and setting aside the necessary budget to do so. We believe this presents opportunities for us as we continue to leverage on our track record and integrated security service offerings to cater to the increasing security requirements of business and property owners.”


In September 2016, Soverus won a S$7.9 million security services contract from Singapore Telecommunications Limited (“SingTel”). The two-year Singtel contract, effective from October 2016 to September 2018, comprises S$7.2 million for the provision of unarmed security guarding services at certain SingTel premises, and a provisional amount of S$0.7 million for the provision of additional security services.


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Secura Group Limited (新保安集团有限公司) is one of the leading providers of an integrated suite of security products, services and solutions based in Singapore. The Group was formed through a merger of two groups of companies – the Secura group of companies that provides security printing services, and the Soverus group of companies that provides security consultancy and other services.


Through the Secura group of companies, the Group owns one of the largest cheque printing businesses in Singapore. The Group’s other security services are undertaken by the Soverus group of companies, which offers security guarding, cyber security, homeland security, and other security products and services.


As a security agency with an established track record, the Group has consistently been awarded ‘A’ Grading (Excellent) by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department from 2012 to 2016. The Group has a well-diversified customer base comprising more than 550 customers in various industries, including multinational corporations, financial institutions and government agencies.


Secura’s substantial shareholders include, among others, Mr Peter Lim, Mr Wee Ee Chao and City Developments Limited.




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