Crypto Calling: August Consulting rides the ICO wave, offering its expertise as a communications partner

Singapore’s emergence as a hub for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) has become hard to miss. In 2017, Singapore became the world’s third largest ICO launch pad in terms of money raised, after the United States and Switzerland[1]. August Consulting, traditionally a leading player in providing communications support for IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) has taken a bold step into the ICO space with its engagement as communications partner for two recent ICOs – Crowd Genie and FENIX.CASH.

[1] Funderbeam report

Over the last six months, August Consulting has been performing its role as a marketing and   communications partner to the teams at Crowd Genie and FENIX.CASH, covering a whole gamut of services from advisory to execution. At the start of the journey, we helped both ICO companies formulate their brand positioning and key messages. Following this, a whole suite of marketing materials was co-developed with the respective ICO teams, which included factsheets, presentation slides and press releases. Media and Investor outreach formed a major segment of the project work.

During the ICO pre-sale and crowd sale periods, August Consulting reached out to its extensive database of funds and private investors, organising introductory roadshows as well as individual or small group meetings with the ICO company founders and key executives. Various media interviews were also arranged to share the ICO story to a bigger audience.


Founder and CEO of Crowd Genie, Akshay Mehra being interviewed by Channel NewsAsia


Akshay Mehra quoted in a Straits Times feature on 14 January 2018 ‘Tempted by Bitcoin It’s caveat emptor’

Founder and Managing Partner of August Consulting, Mr Alan Lee said, “The phenomenal growth of cryptocurrency markets has the potential to create ground-shifting change to financial markets. This ‘disruption’ presents numerous exciting opportunities for businesses and investors and we certainly see public relations and investors relations playing a crucial role in magnifying the growth of this development.

“Singapore has benefitted from the regulatory restrictions placed on ICOs in other markets like China and South Korea, and together with natural advantages like its relative ease of registering an ICO, existence of several incubators and being a home to numerous investment funds, it has become an attractive destination to launch an ICO. With our network and resources in the investing community, we are confident of riding this wave and being recognised as an effective partner to companies that want to grow in this space.”

Crowd Genie: ‘Disrupting’ traditional finance in Asia, serving the ‘underbanked’

Crowd Genie is an MAS-licensed and fully operational P2P lending platform that is focussed on giving small and medium-sized enterprises access to loans from individuals and companies instead of financial institutions, which require longer approval processes. It was granted a “Dealing in Securities” license by the MAS in March 2017 and is one of a few P2P lenders in Singapore with this license. The platform has been operational for more than two years. Through the application of blockchain technology to the platform, it is able to operate its business using tokens known as Crowd Genie Coins. Under its ICO, it issued 60 million Crowd Genie Coins and raised over US$5 million. It is currently listed on four cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. More information about the Crowd Genie ICO can be found on the ICO website



Akshay Mehra presenting to investors at the Crowd Genie investor roadshow

FENIX.CASH: A game-changing platform for the global music industry

FENIX.CASH is a revolutionary platform that seeks to answer some of the biggest issues emerging artists as well as music fans face. It eliminates the numerous layers between music artists and their fans to facilitate a more direct and meaningful interaction, significantly increases the artists’ share of the music proceeds and capitalises on the music merchandise market worth US$3.1billion in 2017. It will be the first-of-its-kind platform globally to offer a one-stop shop for music fans to acquire music and merchandise.

To be built on the Qtum blockchain, the platform operates using FENIX.CASH tokens and under the ITO (Initial Token Offering), over 735 million tokens will be issued to raise a maximum of US$50 million. More information about the FENIX.CASH ITO can be found on the ITO website


Founders of FENIX.CASH and music industry veteran Sandy Monteiro answering questions at the FENIX.CASH investor roadshow


Full house at the FENIX.CASH investor roadshow


Founders of FENIX.CASH with a reporter at the FENIX.CASH media conference


Singapore jazz singing sensation Alemay Fernandez performed at the FENIX.CASH media conference