August Consulting partners Israel-based SmartTeam to offer financial communications services to companies seeking dual-listing on SGX and TASE

SINGAPORE/Tel Aviv – 7 June 2018 – August Consulting, one of the leading investor relations and financial communications agencies in Singapore, has just announced an exclusive partnership with SmartTeam, an Israel-based investor relations and public relations consultancy firm, to offer financial communications services to companies, with a focus on companies that are listed or seeking a listing in the capital markets of Singapore and Israel.

The collaboration dovetails with a recent announcement by the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to collaborate with the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in getting technology and healthcare companies to list on both exchanges[1].

Under the collaboration, both SGX and TASE will pro-actively seek to engage technology and healthcare companies, especially those seeking to tap Asian capital markets, to list on both exchanges. They will also provide these companies with holistic support throughout their journey from pre-listing to post-listing, while enhancing post-trade connectivity and services between the two markets.


Founder and Managing Partner of August Consulting, Mr Alan Lee said, “We welcome this move by the SGX to unlock the potential of the exchange and gain access to some of the brightest and most promising startups and public companies in the world, engaged in cutting-edge research and development in the technology and biotechnology space. With the combined expertise and experience in our respective markets, there is a tremendous amount of value both August Consulting and SmartTeam can offer to such companies aiming to find new audiences and investors across both markets.”


“For close to two decades, August Consulting has engaged with various players in the investment community in Singapore and the region, and has built up a strong network of analysts, fund managers and investors who would be attuned to opportunities within the technology and biotechnology space. Together with the network of our working partner, SmartTeam, we are confident in supporting the SGX’s ambition to be a global technology hub, while providing a new avenue of capital for these companies,” added Mr Lee.

Under the exclusive partnership, August Consulting and SmartTeam will endeavour to secure clients and projects in their respective markets and offer their services as a joint package to companies aiming to reach out to audiences and investors in both markets.

There are currently two Israel-based companies listed on the SGX, namely incubator firm Trendlines Group and diamond technology company Sarine Technologies. August Consulting was a communications partner to Sarine Technologies for its Initial Public Offering in 2005. It was the first Israel-based company to list on the SGX.

Co – Founder of SmartTeam, Ms Iris Lubitch said, “We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration can bring. We each have our own unique advantages, such as our connection with the best technology and biotechnology companies and the financial community in Israel as well as the strong investment community network of August Consulting. The synergies between SmartTeam and August Consulting will lay the foundation for more growth opportunities as we ride on this new development between SGX and TASE.”


[1] Business Times, 16 May 2018, SGX, Tel-Aviv to pursue tech, healthcare firms for dual listings



About August Consuulting

August Consulting is one of the leading corporate and financial communications consulting firms in Singapore. We specialise in corporate positioning, investor relations, financial media relations, issues management and communications support for IPOs, ICOs, M&As and corporate restructuring exercises.

About SmartTeam

SmartTeam which is based in Tel Aviv, is a boutique company specializing in value development* for public and technologic companies on the growth path. We bring with us deep knowledge and experience, providing our client’s management with complete assistance in order to support their mission. SmartTeam has established over the years, a strong and reliable global network (USA, Europe, Moscow, and Singapore), enabling its clients to participate in international conferences, and global road shows all over the world. In addition, SmartTeam also is successfully serving European public companies, providing them Non Deal Road Show and opening the door for them to the Israeli capital market and the leading Institutional Investors.


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