Welcome to August Consulting

August Consulting is one of the leading corporate and financial communications consulting firms in Singapore. We specialise in corporate positioning, investor relations, financial media relations, issues management and communications support for listed companies, IPOs, start-ups, M&As and corporate restructuring exercises. It is also the first communications firm in Singapore to work on a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) listing.

In this fast-moving and fast-changing business world we live in, communications is key for any company that wants to reach out to the right audience, manage perceptions, protect reputation, win stakeholder support and deliver results.

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Our Capabilities


    Companies seeking funding for expansion need to engage the financial markets through effective and timely communications with the various stakeholders.


  • IPO COmmunications

    Every successful IPO requires strong branding and market positioning which is communicated through the timely execution of a well-orchestrated communications plan.

  • Corporate Communications

    A company’s growth and development is driven by good reputation, achieved through consistent use of an effective corporate communications strategy.

  • Transaction Communications

    An effective communications strategy with a strong investment narrative is integral to the success of financial transactions like M&As, RTOs, corporate restructurings and private equity transactions.

  • Marketing Communications

    A marketing communications strategy is one of the fundamental
    tools used to differentiate and deliver a range of promotional messages to
    the respective target audience effectively.

  • Issues and Crisis Management

    Amid the rapidly changing
    regulatory environment we
    operate in today, issues and
    crisis management services
    are increasingly being
    sought after.

  • Media Training

    At August Consulting, we
    provide media training and
    executive coaching to
    enhance our clients verbal
    and non-verbal
    communication skills for
    media interviews and
    public speeches.

  • Start-up Communications

    Having collaborated with many businesses over the years, we can assure start-up owners that their communications, marketing and brand management needs are in good hands from the get-go.